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On-line Workout Sessions: Enlist Debi as your coach with training you can access on-line. Build your fitness level and strength as you work out with our Challenge Crew in a new video posted every month.


Personal Coaching Calls: Build your individual fitness program, determine weight loss goals and address any sticking points. Membership includes a call – one-on-one with Debi -- every 2 weeks to keep you on track & answer questions.



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SHOW UP IN YOUR LIFE! We work hard in a lot of aspects in our lives so we can enjoy ourselves daily or work hard to enjoy our futures. But the fact of the matter is we are blinded to healthful ways to keep our bodies strong and healthy. So when the time comes, our hard earned money or time we’ve worked so hard for do not match our depletion of revenue in our bodies we have left them poorly fed and improperly maintained due to the fact we have lied to ourselves we will be healthy later. ﷯ Let’s correct the balance and invest in our whole being and not be so ignorant that our bodies are our temples and treat them accordingly. So that when you have that day of play planned, you will be able to attend. :)

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